About AlertSite UXM

AlertSite UXM monitors your websites and web applications to measure response, performance and up/down status by simulating user interactions. This directed monitoring provides information as to the uptime and performance of your critical business transactions across the most common paths in the application.

AlertSite collects performance data, determining if your application is loading fast and meets your SLAs. With this information you can answer the following questions:

AlertSite’s cutting edge transaction recorder, DéjàClick, makes it simple to monitor web pages and transactions. Simply record the steps in a transaction that you would like to monitor—no complex scripting required. Your recorded scripts can functionally test and monitor the performance of even the most complex rich Internet applications (RIAs), which have become the backbone of web commerce. Because DéjàClick is browser-based, it gives you a true browser perspective of performance.

AlertSite also integrates with third-party application monitoring tools, like AppDynamics, to provide server-side transaction traces for your applications. When your app is slower than expected, you can see the exact method calls and SQL queries executed on the server to identify the cause of performance issues.

How AlertSite Works

Once you configure a monitor in AlertSite, the monitor run tests from any of AlertSite’s world wide locations based on configuration. The monitor reaches out to your website at configured intervals, and returns with availability and response time. If the monitor discovers an error—the site is unavailable, the test times out, or other issue, it triggers an alert to the recipient (or recipient group). Availability, performance, details of each test (runs) are all available for each monitor that you define.

With DéjàClick, you can easily script multiple step tests. The DéjàClick monitor records the performance results of each step.

Results are displayed on the availability and performance tiles on the AlertSite dashboards.

More Information on Website Monitoring

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