Creating and Managing Users

Admin and Co-Admin users can create, update and delete other user accounts within an AlertSite account. Company employees who need access to their company’s AlertSite account should contact their account Admin or Co-Admin to get a user account.

All users are listed on the List Users screen accessible by selecting profile > Manage Users from the top menu.

Manage Users

User list in AlertSite

Creating a User

You will need to inform the user of their password. The user will be able to change the password once they log in to AlertSite.

Deleting a User

Note: Monitor groups and dashboard views that were created by the deleted user will remain available and can continue to be used by other users.

Changing a User’s Password

Users can change their own password at any time. Additionally, the Admin and Co-Admins can change a user’s password at the user’s request or for security reasons. To do that:

Note: Changing a user’s password does not end the user’s active session. The new password will be in effect the next time the user explicitly logs in to AlertSite.

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