Locking and Unlocking Users

Users can be locked out of AlertSite in several ways:

Once locked, the user cannot log in to AlertSite and cannot access the AlertSite API until unlocked by the Admin.

Note: Co-Admins cannot lock and unlock users; this function is limited to Admins only.

Locking a User Manually

Automatic Locking After Failed Login Attempts

Automatic user locking is disabled by default. To enable this feature for your organization, please contact Support. If your organization have subaccounts, please specify if you want to enable the lockout in subaccounts as well, and, if so, in which ones.

With auto-locking enabled, if a user enters an incorrect password 5 times in a row, the user account is locked, and they cannot log into AlertSite anymore – even with the correct password. The locked user needs to contact the account Admin (owner) to have their account unlocked and, optionally, password reset.

Note: The limit for consecutive failed login attempts is 5 and cannot be customized.

Error displayed to locked users

Unlocking a User

It may take a few minutes until this user can log in again.

Unlocking an Admin Account

If you are the Admin user (account owner) and your user account gets locked, please contact Support.

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