A subaccount is a separate account within your AlertSite account, with its own set of monitors, AlertSite users, alerting rules, reports and so on. Subaccounts can be useful for large companies with multiple departments – each department can have its own subaccount with monitors relevant only to that department. All subaccounts are tied to the company’s master account, together making up an account family.

Master account and subaccounts

Subaccount Access

At any given time, AlertSite UXM shows monitors and data for just one account.

Master account users can view monitoring data for both the master account and subaccounts by switching between the accounts.

Subaccount users can access only a specific subaccount, but not the master account or other subaccounts.

Creating Subaccounts

Account owners who want to set up subaccounts should contact their AlertSite Sales Manager. To view the contact information, select Settings > AlertSite 1.0 from the top menu, then go to Support > Support Center.

Switching Between Subaccounts

Any user of the master account regardless of the role can switch to subaccounts. Note that read-only users switch to subaccounts in the read-only mode, as well.

When logged into a master AlertSite account, you will see the button in the top right. Click it to view a list of subaccounts, then click a subaccount to switch to it.

Switching to a subaccount

To return back to the master account, click and select Switch back to me.

Switching back to a master account

Switching between accounts retains your selected dashboard. For example, if you were on the Monitor Summary dashboard of a master account, you will see the Monitor Summary dashboard for the subaccount.


As an alternative to creating subaccounts, users can customize AlertSite UXM dashboards using filters, monitor groups and views to see only what is relevant to them. For details, see Filters and Views: Customizing the Dashboard.

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