Creating Alert Recipients

To receive alerts from monitors, you first need to create recipients (or contacts) in AlertSite UXM. Recipients define who gets notified and how – via email, SMS, phone call or other methods.

By default, a recipient gets alerts from all monitors. To customize which monitors should notify which recipients, configure recipient groups.


You can view, add and change recipients on the Alert Recipients screen. Select Alerts > Alert Recipients from the top right.

Note: Only Admin and Co-Admin users can create recipients.

Alert Recipients

Create and Configure a Recipient

This video shows how to create an email recipient:

More detailed steps are described below.

1. Add a new recipient

  1. On the Alerts > Alert Recipients screen, click + New Recipient.
  2. Enter the recipient details.

    Add Recipient dialog

    Note: There are additional fees for notifications by SMS and non toll-free paging.

  3. Click Submit.

2. Opt in to availability and performance alerts

AlertSite monitors send availability alerts when site is unavailable or having errors, and performance alerts when the response time is too high. The recipient properties specify which alert types to receive.

  1. Select the created recipient, and click Edit Recipient on the right.
  2. To receive availability alerts:

    For a description of available settings, see Availability Alerts Settings.

  3. To receive performance alerts:

    For a description of available settings, see Performance Alerts Settings.

  4. Click Submit.

3. Configure recipient groups

If you do not have any recipient groups configured, all recipients get alerts from all your monitors. With recipient groups, you can target alerts to specific people.

If the recipient needs alerts only from specific monitors, combine this recipient and the relevant monitors into a recipient group, or add the recipient to an existing group. For instructions, see Recipient Groups.

4. (Optional) Configure blackout periods

To prevent sending alerts to the recipient at specific times (for example, on weekends), you can configure recipient blackouts. For instructions, see Scheduling Recipient Blackouts.

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