Editing Recipients

You can view and edit your alert recipients on the Alert Recipients screen. Select Alerts > Alert Recipients from the top menu.

To edit a recipient, select it in the list and click Edit Recipient.

Note: Only Admin, Co-Admin and Power Users can edit recipients.

Editing alert recipients

In This Topic

Recipient Properties


Availability Alerts

Availability alerts are sent when a monitor discovers that the target site is unavailable, having errors or returns incorrect content (based on the monitor settings).

Performance Alerts

Performance alerts are sent when your website response time exceeds a threshold. These alerts can be sent only to email and text recipients, PagerDuty and Splunk.

Configure Recipient Blackouts

You can configure blackout periods to prevent sending alerts to a recipient during a specific time frame. All scheduled blackouts appear on the Recipient Blackout calendar for the selected recipient.

To add a blackout:

To learn more about blackouts, see Scheduling Recipient Blackouts.

Disable a Recipient

To temporarily stop sending alerts to a recipient, add a recipient blackout. The recipient will not get any alerts during the blackout period.

To disable a recipient for an indefinite period, edit the recipient and disable alerts:

Delete a Recipient

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