Recipient Groups

The default alerting behavior in AlertSite UXM is “alert everyone”. That is, any monitor sends alerts to all recipients in your Alert Recipients list. To send alerts just to specific people, you need to configure recipient groups.

You can configure recipient groups on the Recipient Groups screen, accessible from the Alerts menu at the top.

Note: Only Admin, Co-Admin and Power Users can create and change recipient groups.

Recipient groups

How Recipient Groups Work

Recipient groups implement alert routing rules in the following form (square brackets [ ] indicate optional parts):

If an error is found by:

  • Monitor A, [steps 2 and 3]
  • [and error code is 5 or 7]

send alert to:

  • Alice, Bob and Carol

[using custom template:

  • Template1]

You typically use recipient groups to configure which monitors send alerts to which recipients:

If Monitor A or B fails,

send alert to Alice

If Monitor C fails,

send alert to Bob

You can target different recipients and alert templates based on the monitor error code:

If Monitor B

fails with error 5

send alert to Alice

If Monitor B

fails with any other error

send alert to Bob

Or, you can target different recipients based on which monitor step fails:

If Monitor C

fails at step 2

send alert to Alice

If Monitor C

fails at any other step

send alert to Bob

Once a monitor is added to a recipient group, it sends alerts only to people in that group. Groups work independently, and you can have several groups set to receive alerts from the same monitor. Both monitors and recipients can be included in multiple groups for flexible alerting configuration.

Keep in mind that:

Note: The exact conditions that cause an alert to be sent depend on your monitor and recipient settings. For details, see Alerts: Checklist.


Assume two monitors A and B, and two recipients Alice and Bob.

A recipient group is created with the following parameters:


Monitor A sends alerts only to Alice.

Monitor B sends alerts to both Alice and Bob. Because this monitor is not in any recipient group, the default “send to everyone” rule applies.

Creating and Managing Recipient Groups

To create a recipient group

  1. On the Recipient Groups screen, click + New Recipient Group.
  2. Enter a name for the group.
  3. Select the monitors to be included in the group, and the recipients who will get alerts from these monitors.

    To select items, click the Add/Edit link, then select the check box next to the desired items, and click Continue.

    Recipient group properties

    Tip: If you have multi-step monitors, you can create recipient groups for individual monitor steps to target different recipients based on which step fails. To select specific steps, click to the right of the monitor to expand its steps, then select the desired steps.

  4. (Optional) Select the Error Types that will trigger alerts to the chosen recipients. No selection means all errors, that is, the recipients will get alerts for any errors in the selected monitors. For details, see Alert Routing by Error Type.

    Important: If you create an error-specific recipient group for a monitor, you should also add groups for other errors of the same monitor. Errors not included in any groups will not trigger alerts and may go unnoticed. For example, if you have only one group for monitor A with error 5, no one will get alerts about any other errors for that monitor.

  5. (Optional.) Select Custom Templates that will be used to format alerts. These templates must be created beforehand in Alerts > Template Editor.
  6. Click Save as new.

Now the selected monitors will send alerts only to the specified recipients.

To select recipient groups for a specific monitor

You can also select recipient groups for a monitor in the monitor settings:

  1. Open the monitor settings.
  2. Select the Alerts tab.
  3. To configure monitor-level alerts:
  4. If the monitor has multiple steps and you want to send alerts for specific steps only:

  5. Save the monitor settings.

From now on the monitor will send alerts only to the selected recipient groups.

If no recipient groups are configured for a monitor, it will send alerts to all recipients configured in your AlertSite account.

To edit a recipient group

  1. On the Recipient Groups screen, click a group to open the editor.
  2. Make your changes – change the group name, selected monitors, alert recipients, error types or templates.
  3. Click Save changes.

To delete a recipient group

Click next to that group on the Recipient Groups screen. Monitors that were in the deleted group will now send alerts to all configured alert recipients.

Note: Deleting a recipient group does not delete recipients that were in this group.

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