Groups Dashboard

The Groups dashboard shows availability and performance metrics of a group of monitors over the selected period – last 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. You can see and compare how your website availability and Apdex score vary across locations and monitor types. The dashboard automatically refreshes for the latest status updates.

To open the Groups dashboard:

Groups dashboard

On the left, the group summary shows:

On the right, you can switch between the Apdex and availability reports for the group, individual monitors and locations. The Compare view shows the status of the group’s monitors in a table for easy comparison.

Apdex Ratings

Apdex values are color-coded to illustrate performance ratings.

Apdex Rating Apdex
Excellent 0.94–1.00
Good 0.85–0.93
Fair 0.70–0.84
Poor 0.50–0.69
Unacceptable 0.00–0.49

Managing Groups

Create a group

On the main Dashboard, click the big +, then click + New Group and select the monitors to include.

View performance of individual monitors

Click the monitor name in the group’s monitor list on the left. This opens the Monitor Summary dashboard, where you can see the monitor’s run results and performance details.

Compare performance of all monitors

Click Compare in the top right to switch the dashboard to the comparison mode. This mode shows monitor status in a table and allows you to expand the monitor steps and locations. See Comparing Monitors, Steps, and Locations.

Comparing monitors in a group

Edit a group

To add or delete monitors from the group, change the group privacy settings, or rename the group, do the following:

  1. Select the group from the list at the top.
  2. Click Edit Group.
  3. Add and remove monitors, and change the group settings as required.
  4. Click Save.

See who created a group

Open the list of groups – it shows all available groups and who created them.

A list of groups and the users who created them

See if a group is public or private

Select the group and look at the lock icon at the bottom:

 – public group

 – private group

You can change the privacy setting of your groups by editing them.

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