VictorOps Integration (via JSON Alerts)

VictorOps is a real-time incident management and collaboration platform for IT and DevOps teams. This guide will walk you through setting up integration between AlertSite and VictorOps so that monitor alerts can be sent into your VictorOps timeline and automatically trigger and resolve incidents.

There are two key points in getting the VictorOps integration to work:

All the steps are explained in detail below.

In This Topic

Configuring VictorOps

REST Endpoint URL

First of all, you need to enable the REST endpoint in VictorOps. This will allow alerts to be sent to VictorOps via HTTP requests. To do that:

The URL looks like this:$routing_key

If you use routing in VictorOps, replace $routing_key with the key of a team to route the alerts to. For example:

Team routing keys are configured in Settings > Alert Behavior > Route Keys. For details, see Routing Keys in the VictorOps knowledge base.

If you do not use routing, remove $routing_key and the trailing slash from the URL so that it looks like:

Transmogrifier Rule

We recommend that you also create a Transmogrifier rule in VictorOps that will annotate incidents with a link to the monitor run results and custom alert notes.

Configuring AlertSite

Alert Templates

Adding VictorOps as Alert Recipient

Assigning Custom Templates to VictorOps Alerts

Finally, create a recipient group containing VictorOps, the alert templates, and the monitors whose alerts you wish to send to VictorOps. This is needed in order to apply the custom templates to outgoing alerts.

To create a recipient group:

The selected monitors will now send alerts to VictorOps.

Testing Alerts

To trigger a test incident in VictorOps from AlertSite:

Viewing Alerts in VictorOps

You can see AlertSite alerts in your VictorOps timeline:

AlertSite alert and triggered incident in VictorOps

Click More Info to view the alert contents, including a link to the monitor run results in AlertSite. For a description of alert fields, see Alert Data Fields.

Alert details

The team members can then acknowledge the incidents and take action to resolve them. The incidents will also be resolved automatically when a “clear” notification arrives from AlertSite.

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