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Create API Endpoint Monitor

API endpoint monitors let you measure the availability and response time of an API endpoint by making an HTTP GET request to that URL. You can pass the query string parameters as part of the URL if needed.

Note: For advanced API monitoring with multi-step tests and content assertions, you can use Ready! API or SoapUI to create a test with the needed API calls and upload this test to AlertSite.

To create an API endpoint monitor:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the big +, then click + New Monitor.
  2. Select API and click Single URL Monitor.
  3. Enter your API endpoint URL. If this API URL requires query string parameters, put them at the end of the URL after the question mark, for example:

    Creating an API GET monitor

  4. If you have multiple AlertSite plans, select the plan to be used for this monitor.

    Note: For internal APIs monitored only from Private Node Server locations, select the InSite or VM Node plan.

  5. Click Edit Configurations.
  6. On the next page, you can configure the monitor settings, such as:

    See API Endpoint Monitor Settings for a description of available settings.

  7. Once ready, click Start Monitoring Now.

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