DNS (Name Server) Monitors

The DNS (Name Server) monitor helps you ensure that your DNS server is functioning. The monitor queries your DNS server to resolve a specific domain name, and reports an error if the attempt fails.

Currently, DNS monitors can be created only in AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface). However, existing monitors appear both in AlertSite 1.0 and AlertSite UXM (new interface).


Creating a DNS Monitor

To create a DNS monitor:

  1. In AlertSite UXM, select Settings > AlertSite 1.0 from the top menu to switch to AlertSite 1.0.
  2. In AlertSite 1.0, navigate to Configure > Sites and click Add a new site.

    Add a new site

    This will open the monitor configuration screen.

  3. Change Site Type to Name Server, select a Site Plan (billing plan), and give your monitor a name.

    DNS monitor settings

  4. Click Submit in the top right corner to update the available settings.
  5. Configure other settings:
  6. Click Submit.
  7. (Optional.) Click Locations in the top right corner and select the locations for your monitor. The default locations for all new monitors can be configured in your account settings.
  8. Click Test on Demand to test your monitor. The results will be displayed on the screen. If there are errors, double-check your DNS server name or IP address, and make sure your firewall allows connections from our IP addresses.

Your DNS monitor is now ready and will run at the specified intervals. You will see the first results in AlertSite in a few minutes.


You can change the monitor settings at any time later if you wish. See DNS (Name Server) Monitor Settings for a description of applicable settings.

Note: In AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface), only some of the displayed settings apply to DNS monitors.

Common Status Codes

Monitor status 0 indicates a successful test, and any other statuses are errors. The following table lists common error statuses for DNS monitors. For a complete list, see AlertSite Status Codes.

Status Code Description
1 AlertSite cannot connect to your DNS server. Make sure your firewall allows DNS queries from the IP addresses of AlertSite monitoring locations selected for your monitor.
3 The tested DNS server failed to resolve the domain name specified by the Resolve option.
51 AlertSite cannot reach your tested DNS server by its name. Double-check whether its domain name specified in the URL option is correct.

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