Ping Monitors

The Ping monitor is the easiest way to ensure that a server or an Internet-connected device is reachable. This monitor sends a simple ping request to the specified domain name or IPv4 address to test for availability and potential network latency. This monitor is similar to the TCP Connect monitor, but uses a lower-level protocol (ICMP), and can check not only web servers, but also arbitrary devices connected to the Internet.

Currently, ping monitors can be created only in AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface). However, you can view and edit existing ping monitors in both AlertSite 1.0 and AlertSite UXM.



Creating a Ping Monitor

To create a ping monitor:

  1. If you are using AlertSite UXM, select Settings > AlertSite 1.0 from the top menu to switch to AlertSite 1.0.

  2. In AlertSite 1.0, go to Configure > Sites and click Add a new site:

    Add a new site

    This will open the monitor configuration screen.

  3. Specify the basic settings:

  4. Click Submit in the top right corner. AlertSite will create the monitor and display additional settings.
  5. (Optional.) Click Locations in the top right and select the locations the monitor will run from. The default locations for all new monitors can be configured in your account settings.
  6. Click Test on Demand to test your monitor. If there are errors, review the monitor settings.

Your monitor is now ready and will run at the specified intervals. You will see the first results in AlertSite in a few minutes.


You can change the monitor settings at any time later if you wish. See Ping Monitor Settings for a description of applicable settings.

Note: In AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface), only some of the displayed settings apply to ping monitors.

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