Create API Monitor From SoapUI Test

You can upload API tests created with Ready! API or SoapUI as monitors in AlertSite. This allows you to monitor the availability and performance of your SOAP, REST and JSON APIs from AlertSite’s global monitoring network.

Basic knowledge of Ready! API or SoapUI is recommended to use API monitors.

The following assumes that you have an existing API test project and that it meets the requirements for running remotely. Specifically, the test case should include assertions so that AlertSite can determine that the API is working correctly and returns the expected result.

If you do not have a project, see API Monitoring Tutorial to learn how to create API tests in Ready! API or SoapUI.

Note: Only Admin, Co-Admin and Power Users can create and configure monitors.

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Requirements for Ready! API and SoapUI Projects

Before you upload your Ready! API or SoapUI project to AlertSite, make sure it meets the following requirements:

Create SoapUI API Monitor in AlertSite

First, export your API test project to a ZIP file:

  1. In Ready! API or SoapUI, select Project > Export from the main menu.

    In older SoapUI versions, right-click the project in the Navigator and select Export from the context menu.

  2. Specify the ZIP file to be created.

Then, in AlertSite UXM:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the big +, then click + New Monitor.
  2. Select API and click Upload and Monitor.
  3. Select the AlertSite plan to be used for this monitor and click Continue.

    Uploading a SoapUI project for monitoring

    Note: For internal APIs monitored only from Private Node Server locations, select the VM Node or InSite plan.

  4. Browse for your exported API test project.

  5. (Optional.) If the project is password-protected, select Project password required? and enter the password.
  6. Click Submit File.
  7. Select the test suite and test case to be run, and click Next.

    Selecting a SoapUI test suite and test case

  8. Enter the monitor name and run interval (default is once an hour), and click Create.
  9. Click Test on Demand to run the monitor from a remote location once to make sure it works correctly.

After you created the monitor, you can select locations for monitoring and change other settings. To do this, click the monitor on the Dashboard, then click pencil on the mini toolbar. For a description of available settings, see SoapUI API Monitor Settings.

Create API Monitor Using AlertSite Connector Plugin

Ready! API v. 1.3.1 and later, and SoapUI 5.2 and later include the AlertSite Connector plugin that allows you to upload your projects as monitors in AlertSite.

To create an API monitor using AlertSite Connector:

  1. In Ready! API:

    In SoapUI:

    This will open the AlertSite Connector.

  2. Enter your AlertSite email and password and click Connect.

    Connect to AlertSite using an existing account

  3. Click Add Monitors in the top left.

    Add Monitors

  4. In the dialog that appears, configure your monitor:

You will see the API Status page with your monitor added. The monitor will start running shortly, and you will see its status.

API Status

If you need to change the monitor settings (run interval, monitoring locations, and other), use the Click here link to open AlertSite and proceed from there. For details, see Editing a Monitor.

Download SoapUI Project

You can download API test projects from AlertSite to review or update them:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the monitor tile, then click pencil on the mini toolbar.
  2. Click Download Project and save the zipped project to your computer.

    Note: If you do not see the Download Project button, this monitor is a basic API endpoint monitor, and it does not run any SoapUI tests.

You can open the downloaded project in Ready! API or SoapUI by using the File > Import Packed Project menu item.

Upload New Project

To upload an updated or new SoapUI project for the monitor:


My API is not accessible from Internet. Can I monitor it with AlertSite?

Internal monitoring is available on AlertSite Enterprise plans. You can set up private nodes (private monitoring locations) on your local network to monitor the applications and APIs behind the firewall. Private nodes work just like AlertSite’s global locations and send the availability and performance data to AlertSite where you can review it.

When creating monitors for internal APIs, make sure to select the VM Node or InSite measurement plan.

Can I use SoapUI Pro features in API monitors?


Can I use DataSources?

Yes, provided that the data is stored directly in the SoapUI project or fetched from the API during the test. That is, no external dependencies. For example, Grid data sources are OK to be used, but not Excel or JDBC.

What version of SoapUI is installed in AlertSite monitoring locations?

AlertSite global locations are being upgraded from Ready! API 1.1 to 1.9. Upgrade announcements are posted to the message log in both AlertSite UXM and AlertSite 1.0.

Private nodes use the following versions:

Private Node Server / InSite Version SoapUI Version
2.1 Ready! API 1.1 and Ready! API 1.9
1.6 - 2.0.2 Ready! API 1.1
1.5.0 SoapUI 4.5

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