TCP Monitors

The Simple TCP Connect monitor connects via TCP to the specified port on the server and reports an error if the connection could not be established. The TCP monitor is at a higher level than Service/Device Ping, but lower than other monitors such as a website URL, email or FTP.

Currently, TCP monitors can be created only in AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface). However, you can view and edit existing TCP monitors in both AlertSite 1.0 and AlertSite UXM.

How It Works

The monitor connects to the specified server and port and performs a 3-way TCP handshake with an open port listener on a server. If the connection could not be established within the specified timeout period, the monitor reports status 1 “TCP connection failed” and, depending on your alerting settings, triggers an alert. Status 1 is an indication that your server is overloaded, or is not running, or your firewall is blocking the connections.


Your firewall must allow TCP connections to the target server and port from the IP addresses of AlertSite locations you are monitoring from.

Creating a TCP Monitor

  1. In AlertSite UXM, select Settings > AlertSite 1.0 from the top menu to switch to the classic interface.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Sites and click Add a new site.

    Add a new site

    This will open the monitor configuration screen.

  3. Specify the basic settings:
  4. Click Submit in the top right corner. AlertSite will create the monitor and display additional settings.
  5. (Optional.) Click Locations in the top right corner and select the locations to run the monitor from. The default locations for all new monitors can be configured in your account settings.
  6. Click Test on Demand to test your monitor. If there are errors, double-check your server name and port, and make sure your firewall allows connections from our IP addresses.

Your monitor is now ready and will run at the specified intervals. You will see the first results in AlertSite in a few minutes.


You can change the monitor settings at any time later if you wish. See TCP Monitor Settings for a description of applicable settings.

Note: In AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface), only some of the displayed settings apply to TCP monitors.

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