Create a Web Monitor

Web monitors check your website at the specified interval and measure the availability and response time. AlertSite provides several types of web monitors:

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If you are creating a monitor for the first time, these detailed tutorials will help you get started:

Create a URL Monitor

Create a Real-Browser Monitor

This creates a real-browser monitor for just one URL. If you need a multi-step monitor (like the login procedure or order checkout process), record the transaction in your browser as explained below.

Record a Multi-Step Transaction

To create monitors for multi-step transactions like placing an order or logging in, you need to record these transactions in your browser. You can record transactions in Chrome and Firefox using AlertSite’s browser recorder extension, DéjàClick. You can install DéjàClick for Chrome and Firefox from here:


Recording tips:

For more information about using the DéjàClick recorder, see DéjàClick User Guide.

Recording in Chrome:

Recording in Firefox:

Once you have the DéjàClick recorder installed in Firefox, you will see this toolbar:

DejaClick toolbar in Firefox

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