API Monitor Results

You can use AlertSite’s Monitor Runs dashboard to view detailed results of your API monitors and troubleshoot failed API calls. Troubleshooting works best if the monitor has the Capture Level option set – when this is set, AlertSite stores SoapUI logs for failed test steps or all steps.

Start by selecting a monitor and time frame, then find a run of interest. Expand the run to see the test steps performed and identify the steps that failed.

SoapUI run results

Step Details

Click a specific step to see the request URL for that API call and the response status (such as 200 OK or 400 Bad Request). Steps marked </> also have SoapUI step logs that contain full request and response data for that step. These logs are displayed under Step Report in the step details. Here, you can find the exact URL, request headers, parameters, server response, and the results of failed assertions, if any. Which steps have SoapUI logs – all steps or just the failed ones – depends on the monitor’s Capture Level option.

SoapUI test step details

The step log contains these sections:

Run Logs

If SoapUI step logs are not available, you can review the Run Log or Run Log 2 – logs for the entire test. The second log is available if the first run failed and the monitor has local retry enabled. These logs contain request URLs, response status codes, and assertion results. All error messages are consolidated in the “TestCaseRunner Summary” section of the log for a quick reference.


The above images show a failed test run with status 6060 SoapUI-specific error. The test has 3 steps: Add Pet, Update Pet, and Delete Pet. The error occurred in the Update Pet step, which makes a PUT request to http://petstore.swagger.io/v2/pet.

SoapUI logs show that this step has an assertion that checks the value of the status field in the API response. The expected value is sold, but the actual value is available. This may indicate an error in the API. Or, if the API has changed recently, the SoapUI project in AlertSite may need to be updated to match the current behavior of the API (see Managing the SoapUI Project).

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