Scheduling Monitor Blackouts

You can configure blackouts to stop monitoring or alerting at specific periods, for example, when your web application is undergoing scheduled maintenance. This way, the maintenance time will not affect your application’s availability and performance data in AlertSite UXM. Blackouts can be one-time or repeating every week.


Viewing Blackouts

Monitor blackouts appear on the calendar in the Monitor Summary dashboard. To view or change them:

One-time blackouts appear in dark gray. Recurring blackouts appear in blue.

Monitoring Blackout Calendar

Adding a Monitor Blackout

Changing Blackout Schedule

To change the blackout days or time, click the blackout on the calendar and set the new period.

Note: You can edit only recurring blackouts. To change a one-time blackout, delete it and create it anew.

Deleting a Scheduled Blackout

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