Selecting Locations for Monitoring

AlertSite UXM monitoring servers reside in over 80 locations around the world. We recommend that you monitor your website from at least 6 locations: 1 close to your location, and the rest where your users are.

You can set the default locations for all monitors in your AlertSite account settings. You can also change the locations for individual monitors, if needed.

Note: You need to be an Admin, Co-Admin or Power User to change the monitoring locations.

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Selecting Locations for a Specific Monitor

  1. On the Dashboard, click the monitor tile, then click pencil on the mini toolbar.


    Click Edit Monitor on the Monitor Summary, Monitor Availability or Monitor Performance dashboards.

  2. Click Locations.
  3. In the locations list, select the locations you want to use, and unselect those you do not want to use. The location marked as primary will be used for alerts and for tests on demand.

    All selected locations appear on the map as blue dots, other locations as gray dots.

    Selecting locations for a monitor


  4. Click Save to save the changes.

Important: If you unselect any locations, previous monitoring data from those locations will be unavailable.

Selecting Default Monitoring Locations

To change the default monitoring locations for your account:

  1. Select Profile > Account from the top menu.
  2. Click Manage Public Locations. This opens a list of all global AlertSite locations available for your account. The current default locations are listed at the top, the primary location first.

    Website Monitoring: Default Monitoring Locations

  3. Select the check boxes next to the locations you want to use by default, and unselect those you do not want to use.
  4. (Optional.) Select a new location to be used as Primary.
  5. Click OK.

    Important: If you have monitors that are using the default locations, the new defaults will be applied to these monitors. Note that if you unselected any locations, previous monitoring data from these locations will be unavailable.

This changes the locations for all monitors that are using the default locations. All monitors created from now on will also use the new locations. Monitors where you set the locations manually (see below) will not be affected.

About Primary Location

In monitors with several locations, you need to set one location as primary. Primary location serves several purposes:

  1. Test on Demand runs from the primary location.
  2. Primary location determines where alerts come from, depending on the monitoring mode selected in the monitor settings:

Private Locations

Customers on the Enterprise plan can set up private monitoring locations in the local network. With private nodes, you can monitor internal applications that are not accessible from the Internet, and monitor public sites from inside your firewall. To learn more about private node types and how to use them, see Private Nodes.

Regions and Rates

All AlertSite locations are categorized by regions:

  1. United States, Canada and Europe.
  2. All other countries.
  3. Mobile network provider locations (ATT Wireless, Spring Mobile).

The region determines the usage rate of measurement credits on Usage-Based Monitoring plans. For more information, see Usage-Based Monitoring.

Location IP Addresses

For a list of IP addresses used by AlertSite monitoring locations, see Monitoring Locations - IP Addresses. You can use these IPs to filter out AlertSite traffic from your website analytics, or to whitelist AlertSite monitoring locations through your firewall or proxy server.

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