Verifying Monitors: Test on Demand

To make sure your website monitor is correctly configured and will perform the desired test, you can run test on demand. Test on demand is free and does not consume any measurement credits on Usage-Based Monitoring plans.

Since tests on demand are a troubleshooting tool, their results are not included in your monitor run history, do not trigger alerts and do not affect your SLA metrics.

To run a test on demand

From the main dashboard (in the tile view):

From the Monitor Summary, Monitor Availability or Monitor Performance dashboard:

From the monitor configuration screen:


AlertSite runs the test from the monitor’s primary location. The test may take a few minutes to run, depending on the monitor type. When the test completes, click View Test Results.

To test from a specific location

Using AlertSite 1.0 console, you can run a test on demand from any location selected in a monitor.


Test on demand is not supported for:

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