Monitor Groups

You can combine monitors into groups to view their availability and performance as a whole. Grouping allows you to:

With grouping, you can still see data for each monitors individually, and can also see how they are doing overall. A monitor can be in more than one group, so you can arrange monitors in a way that is most relevant to you.

Note: Only Admin and Co-Admin users can create an edit monitor groups.

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Public and Private Groups

Groups can be public (shared) and private, which determines who can see them.

public groups are shared with all users in your AlertSite account. Admin, Co-Admins and Power Users can also add or remove monitors in public groups. This is the default option for new groups.

private groups are visible only to you (the logged-in user) and not other users.

Creating a Monitor Group

  1. On the Dashboard, click the big +, then select New Group.
  2. Select the monitors to include in the group.

    Tip: To find monitors quickly, filter the dashboard, or switch it to the table view.

  3. Enter a name for the group.
  4. (Optional.) To make the group private, click the lock icon so that it turns into .
  5. Click Save.

Viewing Monitor Groups in Dashboards

On the AlertSite Dashboard, you can see the current status of your monitors and groups. You can filter and customize the dashboard to show just the items you are interested in.

Groups on the main dashboard

Clicking a group opens this group’s dashboard, where you can see the availability and performance trends for the group and its monitors.

Groups dashboard

Managing Monitor Groups

To see which monitors are in the group

Select Groups from the top menu, then select the group from the list at the top. You will see the list of group’s monitors in the group details.

To add or remove monitors from a group

  1. On the Dashboard, click the group name, then click pencil on the mini toolbar.
  2. Select and unselect monitors to include in the group.
  3. Click Save.

To make a group private or public

Note: You can change the privacy setting of your own groups only.

  1. On the Dashboard, click the group name, then click pencil on the mini toolbar.
  2. Click the lock icon to make the group private or  public.
  3. Click Save.

To rename a group

  1. On the Dashboard, click the group name, then click pencil on the mini toolbar.
  2. Enter the new name for the group, and click Save.

To see who created a group

  1. Select Groups from the top menu.
  2. Open the list of groups in the top left.

Here, you can see all public (shared) groups and the emails of the users who created them.

A list of groups and the users who created them

To see if a group is public or private

On the Groups dashboard, select your group and look at the lock icon at the bottom.

 – public group

 – private group

To delete a group

Note: Deleting a group does not delete monitors in that group.

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