Private Node Server Console

In addition to the web interface (Control Panel), Private Node Server has a console GUI that mirrors some functions of the web interface.

Use the arrow keys to navigate through the menu, Enter to run a command, and Esc to exit the current menu. Additionally, the IP address and web interface URL of your private node are displayed at the top of the menu.

Console menu of Private Node Server
Console of Private Node Server 2.1.

You can use the console to:

Note: If you see a blank console or extraneous output, press Ctrl+R to redraw the menu.

Configure IP Address

By default, Private Node Server obtains its IP address through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). If you require a static IP address, you can configure it from the console.

From the console menu, select Configure IP Address > Configure IP Address (in version 2.1) or Configuration > Manual IP Address Config (in versions up to 1.6.3) and press Enter. Then, follow the prompts to enter the following information:

The current values are displayed in the square brackets in prompts. To leave the current value unchanged, press Enter to skip the input. However, you need to enter the value for Nameserver.

Console prompts when configuring static IP address

Configure DNS Server

To assign a different DNS server using the console:

Reset Web Interface Password

Access to the private node’s web interface (Control Panel) is password-protected. If you forgot the password, you can reset it from the console by using the Reset Private Node Web Console Password to Default (in version 2.1) or Configuration > Reset Web Password to Default (in versions up to 1.6.3) menu command.

The default login and password are:

insiteadm / 1nSitePa$$ in Private Node Server 2.0 and later

admin / password in earlier versions

After you reset the password, you can log in to the web interface and set a new password in Manage InSite Location > Change Web Password.

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