Managing Private Locations in AlertSite

To view and manager your private locations in AlertSite UXM, select Profile > Account from the top menu, then click Manage InSite / Private Node Locations.

All private locations displayed here are grouped by the billing plans. There are two types of plans:

Private locations

The table has the following columns:

Column Description
InSite Location Name Specifies the location name that is displayed in AlertSite dashboards and reports.
Status Specifies whether the location is active, that is, runs the monitors. Private locations can be disabled temporarily, for example, for maintenance.
Notify Error Specifies whether monitor errors detected at this location will trigger alerts. It can be changed at any time.
Last Monitoring Test Specifies the date and time of the latest monitor run performed at this location. If the location has active monitors, but this value lags behind significantly, it may indicate a problem with the location. E.g., there might be connectivity problems, or the location may need a restart.
Software Version Specifies the location’s software version number. Versions 1.7 and later are virtual machines (Private Node Server), 1.6.3 and earlier are physical appliances (InSite).
Monitors Used Specifies the total number of monitors configured to use this location. This includes both enabled and disabled monitors.

To add a new private location

See Installing Private Node Server.

To access private location web interface (Control Panel)

Navigate to:

https://<IP address> – for version 2.0 and later

http://<IP address> – for earlier versions

where the IP address is that of your private location. The Control Panel can be used to change the proxy settings, mail relay and other internal configuration settings for your private location. For details, see Private Node Server Control Panel (Web Interface).

To find monitors that use a private location

Click the location name to view a list of monitors configured to use this location. The list includes both enabled and disabled monitors – disabled monitors also count towards your plan limits. The Monitors Used column shows the total number of monitors associated with this private location.

Viewing monitors configured to use a private location

You can change the locations for a monitor in the monitor settings.

To change the location name, billing plan, status

Click next to the location to change its details. You can change the following:

To temporarily stop monitoring from a private location

Click next to the location, unselect Monitoring is active and click Save.

If there are monitors configured to use this location, they will continue running from other configured locations, but not from this one.

To delete a private location

Click next to the location on the list and confirm the deletion.


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