Outage Detail Report

This report shows website outage periods – the periods when the site was unreachable, experiencing errors, or did not return the expected results. The report can include one or more monitors, and date ranges for up to 3 months. All locations for all selected monitors are automatically included.

The report contains the outage date, time and duration, the reported error status (HTTP error, keyword verification error, and so on), and the location that detected the error.

Outage Detail Report

Outage Duration

An outage is a period from when a monitor went to error until the next check from any location is successful. Outage duration is the difference in the monitor run timestamps.

If a monitor has blackouts, and is in error when a blackout begins, the outage duration includes the blackout period.

Report Options

Report Columns

For a description of the report columns, see Report Column Descriptions.

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