SLA Summary Report

This report is for monitors that have Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives configured for availability, uptime, and response time. It shows the SLA compliance for one or more monitors, and date ranges for up to 1 year.

SLA Summary Report

Create the Report

  1. Go to Reports > Performance Reports.
  2. Select the SLA Summary report.
  3. Select one or more SLAs.
  4. Select one, several or all locations. AlertSite will calculate SLA compliance using monitoring results from these locations only.
  5. Select the report period. You can use a relative period such as This Month or an exact period up to 1 year.
  6. Click Run Report.

Once the report is ready, you can view, email or schedule it. For more information, see Creating and Scheduling Reports.

Report Data

The report contains summarized information from the SLA Summary dashboard. For each SLA, you can see the SLA objectives (Goal), the site’s actual results during SLA operating periods (SLA), and the results for the whole reporting period including non-SLA periods (All). To be SLA-compliant, the values in the SLA column must be greater than or equal to availability and uptime goals and less than or equal to the response time goal.

Service level objectives are defined as follows:

For more information about these metrics, see About Service Level Agreements.

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