Configure AlertSite Proxy for Android Devices

To record mobile traffic from your Android phone or tablet, you must configure HTTP proxy settings on your device to use the AlertSite proxy. The proxy will capture all web traffic from your device and generate a script, which you can later upload as a monitor in AlertSite.

Below are instructions to prepare devices running Android 4.0 and later. Some devices may have different steps for setting up HTTP proxy – in this case search for your_device_model http proxy on the Internet.


Your Android device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and must support proxy servers for Wi-Fi connections. Some devices do not support proxy servers. Please check your device manual or contact your device manufacturer to learn this.

Find AlertSite Proxy Information

You can find proxy information in AlertSite when you prepare to record:

Note: The proxy port is dynamic and changes between recording sessions. You will need to update the proxy port on your device with the one shown here each time, before recording.

Set the Device’s Proxy

All web traffic from your Android device will now be sent through the AlertSite proxy, and AlertSite will be able to record it.

Remember to remove the proxy settings after you finish recording, otherwise you may get network errors in your mobile applications.

Enable HTTPS Recording

To record HTTPS traffic from your Android device, you need to install the SmartBear certificate on your device:

Restore Android Network Settings

When you are done recording mobile traffic, remember to restore your normal Android network settings and delete the SmartBear certificate from your device. Otherwise you may get network errors in your applications.

If you see network problems in your applications, restart your device to force re-connection.

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