Creating Transaction Monitors in Chrome

Transaction monitors simulate a user’s path through a website, such as buying something, logging in or searching a website. You create transactions by recording actions in Firefox or Chrome using AlertSite’s script recorder, DéjàClick. DéjàClick is a free browser extension that automatically records and plays back user action, with no programming needed.

In this tutorial, we will use the Chrome browser to create a transaction monitor for The monitor will search Amazon for Star Wars, and verify that the search results contain the film Star Wars: A New Hope.

In This Tutorial

1. Start the Transaction Recorder

  1. On the main dashboard, click the big +, then + New Monitor.
  2. Select Web.
  3. Click Record and Monitor.
  4. Enter the name for the monitor.

    Configure monitor screen

  5. If you have several AlertSite plans, select the plan to use for this monitor.
  6. Select the browser that will be used to run the transaction in the monitoring locations – Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. You may want to use a specific playback browser if your website is designed or optimized for that browser.
  7. Click Start Recording Now. The DéjàClick window will appear to the left of the Chrome window.

2. Record a Transaction

  1. On the DéjàClick toolbar, click Configure Options and select Simulate New Visitor. This will adjust the recorder settings to simulate visiting a website for the first time, to avoid caching issues.

    Simulate New Visitor option

  2. Click Begin recording.
  3. Open the starting page of the transaction and do what a typical user would do – click the links, fill in forms, and so on.

    In this tutorial, we will search for Star Wars on Amazon:

    Searching 'Star Wars' on Amazon

3. Create a Keyword Validation

To make sure your web pages contain correct content, you can add keyword validations to your transaction. For example, if you log into an application as TestUser, you expect Hello TestUser appear on the page, and if it is not there, the application is not working properly.

Let’s create a keyword validation:

  1. On the DéjàClick toolbar, click and select Add keyword validations.

    Add keyword validations

    DéjàClick switches into the keyword selection mode. As you move the mouse pointer over the page, DéjàClick automatically suggests the text under the pointer as a keyword.

    Keyword selection mode

  2. Click the text "Star Wars: A New Hope" to create a keyword validation for it.

  3. In the dialog that appears, review the keyword and click OK.

    Add Keyword Validation dialog

  4. You can repeat steps 2-3 to add validations for other phrases on the page.
  5. To exit the keyword selection mode, click Close Validation on the DéjàClick toolbar again.

The transaction is now configured to raise an error if the text does not appear on the page.

4. Finish Recording

Click StopStop recording on the DéjàClick toolbar. You will see a message with the number of recorded events.

For now, the transaction is temporarily stored on your computer. We need to upload it to AlertSite so that the transaction will run from the global monitoring locations. We will do this later in this tutorial.

5. View the Recorded Transaction

All recorded user actions appear in the DéjàClick window to the left of the Chrome window. Pages with keyword validations are marked with the icon. On the Properties tab, you can review event and playback parameters.

Recorded transaction

6. Verify Transaction on the Desktop

Before uploading the recorded transaction to AlertSite, you need to replay it locally to make sure it works correctly:

  1. Click Replay on the DéjàClick toolbar.

    DéjàClick will repeat the recorded actions in the browser.

  2. If you see a message about page content timeout, click Skip to Next Event, and DéjàClick will automatically adjust the timeout.
  3. When the replay is complete, the results appear in the Results tab in DéjàClick.

    Script results

If there was an error, try re-recording the transaction, or try adjusting playback parameters on the Properties tab. For troubleshooting tips, see DéjàClick Troubleshooting Guide.

7. Upload Transaction to AlertSite UXM

After the local replay completes successfully, you can upload the transaction to AlertSite. To do this:

  1. Click the Remote Services button on the DéjàClick toolbar.

    Upload Transaction

    You will see a confirmation that the transaction has been uploaded to your AlertSite account.

  2. You will be redirected back to AlertSite, where you will see the monitor settings.

    Edit DejaClick Monitor

  3. Set Run interval to how often you want to run the transaction. The default is 5 minutes.
  4. Switch to the Locations tab, and select the locations from which you want the monitor to run.
  5. Review and change other settings as needed.
  6. Click Save to save the monitor configuration.

The monitor will start collecting data shortly. You can see the run results on AlertSite’s dashboards.

Monitor results in AlertSite

What’s Next

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